About Me


My husband and I often say, “Give it to me in Bullet Points” so here’s some Bullet Points about me.

  • I am wife to an entrepreneur and incredible husband Kalib, a mom to four kiddos, Elizabeth,Gideon, Brooklyn and Elliott. Then there’s our dog whom my husband calls “son” Broady and our cat Bella.
  • I love people and their stories. What makes them who they are today. I could sit for endless hours and just listen.
  • I am the queen of piles! Drives my husband crazy.
  • I love doing laundry…putting it away…yeeeah nope!
  • I am driven to leave a legacy for my kids. Passionate about giving them a good future and moving forward their dreams.
  • I am a sucker for pizza and spicy food.
  • I believe in Jesus. He has changed me from the inside out. Been there in the utter most darkest places of my life and helped hold me up.
  • I love last minute decisions
  • I love sleep because in this life right now my saying is, “It’s okay I’ll sleep when I’m dead!” Someday right?
  • And finally birds. They are so beautiful in so many ways. I love to hear them sing and the sky wouldn’t be the same without them.

Well there you have it!

The only thing constant in this life is change. I never would have thought 3 years ago I would be who I am today. Really is there a “NORMAL” ? I think not. There is just life.


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