Today I turn 30 years old. That feels so incredibly strange to type out. “Hello, my name is Briana and I’m 30 years old.” I am having a bit of a hard time with this realization that I’ve completed 1/3 of my life already, because inside I still feel and act like I’m 25. I even struggled putting my age on the internet just now for all to see. As if me having lived for this many years would somehow turn people off… Elizabeth my oldest was quick to inform me, “Wow Mommy, 30 is like really old!”

I’ve even attempted writing a blog the past two weeks and haven’t because I feel like I should be writing something profound. I mean 30 years right?! Shouldn’t I have something paramount to say?

I have no qualms about leaving my 20’s behind. I enjoyed them – I did some things right, I screwed up plenty of others, and I had a lot of fun in the process, but I won’t miss them. My 20’s, much like everyone else’s, were about growth and self-discovery. Some discoveries made me proud, others … not so much. But it is with this knowledge that I hope to be in my 30’s everything I wasn’t yet prepared to be in my 20’s. {I’ll let you know how that turns out at 40.} But for now, from someone who is just on the brink of this incredible new decade, I look forward to the future.

I know that I’ll never have to be alone. I’m forever thankful that the Lord has held my hand through these 30 years, even in the moments where I haven’t wanted to hold His. He’s perused me, blessed me, and given me 4 kiddos that have literally rocked my world in the greatest of ways.

I can remember what things were like before they were things. Remember when the internet was this new thing that suddenly became popular?  And it was a good thing when you heard that atrocious “beeeee boooo beeeeee eeee oo” you know the sound.  Remember when only like 5% of people in high school had a cell phone and the only game on it was Snake? Or when you had AIM cause texting wasn’t around yet?

“In my day, having a boy call you on your home telephone was a huge deal!” – me at 60 to my grand kids 😉

Regardless of how I feel today, I’m thankful for everything I have now more than ever! I’m sure everything will fall into place the way its supposed to and just because I’m one year older, doesn’t mean I have to live like I’m 60. I’m still that same girl, with stars in her eyes and wonder in her heart.

Here’s to another 30 years…


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