Adventures with 4 kids under 5

It was a cool fall afternoon up on our mountain house. Literally, 9,000 ft with bears and all. I was VERY pregnant with my fourth Elliott soon to arrive. My body was tired, fatigued and most defiantly feeling the effect of having 4 kids in 3 years 11 months. As you can imagine when nap time came around it was like the heavens opened and the Hallelujah chorus sang. On this particular day I was trying to get my second, Gideon to sleep. And as so many of you know when your kids are not having a nap they are not having a nap. But that’s when you really know they need it! And as so many of you know…when there has been crying or lots of noise and then it’s dead silent somethings up. I walked down the hallway to Gideon’s room in which I opened the door and it hit me. I seriously took a step back. It was so thick and heavy it took everything in me to hold myself back from gagging. The smell was strong enough to make anyone wretch. I took a step forward looking frantically for where. Where was my sons diaper? It wasn’t on him?!?! And where was this terrible smell coming from? Holding my breath, my eyes desperately searching the room.  That’s when I saw it…the diaper! Filled with poop. You know the kind…like he took some laxatives or something. Somehow my son had taken it off and flung it up in the air where it ever so gracefully got stuck in the ceiling fan!!! You think I’m making this up?! I have pictures to prove it. There….there it was hanging like a bat in a cave just waiting to fly out at me. That’s when I realized…this is where they get the term “Shit hit the fan!”

Having children is an adventure. I’m all about adventure and the element of surprise trust me. However, kids bring an entirely new meaning to adventure. Can I get an AMEN?!

A dear friend of mine inspired me to write a blog. Honestly I thought there are so many people with blogs. Who would want to read mine? I’m a terrible speller. And grammar what is that? I don’t even know how to use it. Yes I did go to school…and I still remember nothing about English. HA! Then I thought maybe 2, 5 or even 10 years later to look back on all the ups and downs of my life. To see the fruit of what God has brought and how my children have grown. So folks, here it goes! Thanks for embarking on this new adventure with me. I want to fill this blog with “Real” life. Stories from my everyday crazy 😉 because for real it is sometimes.

I am so blessed to be a mommy and a mommy of 4 kids. It’s a lot sometimes. It’s hard, very hard at times. It’s also incredibly fulfilling. The joy they bring is like nothing else in my life. I want to remember these moments. So, cheers to a new adventure!



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