Marshmallow Ducklings

This is one of the pictures first, you wish was never taken and second, you wish it never to be seen! Truth ALERT! I was seriously considering doing some editing magic on it. Lets get real…pictures like these …editing does nothing for. Lol Backstory goes like this:   4th Pregnancy in my final month!  Body literally… Continue reading Marshmallow Ducklings

Adventures with 4 kids under 5

It was a cool fall afternoon up on our mountain house. Literally, 9,000 ft with bears and all. I was VERY pregnant with my fourth Elliott soon to arrive. My body was tired, fatigued and most defiantly feeling the effect of having 4 kids in 3 years 11 months. As you can imagine when nap time came around it… Continue reading Adventures with 4 kids under 5

How to rock “normal”

In the past 7 years my husband Kalib and I have  moved 9 times one move half way across the country, had four kids in 3 years 11 months, 2 miscarriages, a few surgeries, mom had cancer, brothers have gotten married, made new friends, kids have grown, family issues have risen and fell, learned about… Continue reading How to rock “normal”